Trypes are:

Giannis Aggelakas: vocals
Giorgos Karras
: bass - vocals
Babis Papadopoulos
: quitar - vocals
Asklipios Zambetas
: quitar
Giorgos Tolios
: drums

Trypes was created in 1983 when Giorgos Karras and Giannis Aggelakas wrote their first lyrics, songs which had an overwhelming influence and atmosphere from the 'post-punk era' of that time.

Michalis Kanatides (guitar) and Kostas Floroskoufis (drums) accompanied them at their first appearance. In 1984 Babis Papadopoulos replaces Michalis at the guitar and 1985 they record their first record TRYPES for Ano - Kato Records. It was a period when the legend started, live appearances thrilling audiences at both the 'Selini' club, the university campus and the surrounding areas of Thessaloniki.

The drummer of the band, Kostas Floroskoufis, was replaced by Giorgos Tolios. It was at this time that the band established itself in the hearts and minds of the public as the most up and coming rock band in Greece. Concerts were held in Athens in the Rodeo Club and at the open air amphitheater of Lykavittos, where they played in the slot prior to Dimitris Poulikakos. Out of this era comes a rock classic Taksidiara psychi (Travelling soul), the song which was to become the favourite piece of the rock scene at that time.

Meanwhile, the band's working relationship with Ano - Kato Records starts to go sour. They decide to go 'solo' and on borrowed money, record their second disk PARTY STO 13o OROFO (Party on the 13th floor) but continue their search for another recording company, which comes in the form of Virgin recordings. "PARTY STO 13o OROFO" today is in the top five list of best rock albums of all time in Greece, and the band's appearances have become more and more frequent, appearing with Pavlos Sideropoulos at the 'Alsos' and 'An' in Exarchia.

1990 brings the birth of a new album TRYPES STO PARADEISO (Trypes in paradise), and the first concert outside Greece in Belfort, France. Another smash hit was the record attendance numbers at their concert in 1991 held at Lykavittos. The head count reached 3.500 fans. Trypes had made it and was established as the best rock band in Greece. It was at this time that Asklipios Zambetas (guitar) joins the band as the fifth member.

A fourth album was recorded in 1993. They called it 9 PLIROMENA TRAGOYDIA (9 paid songs). The attendance at a live performance (again at Lykavittos) had reached an all time high of 10.000 people. A cooperation was formed between band members Giannis Aggelakas and Giorgos Karras with Giorgos Christianakis, and together they wrote and recorded the album YPEROHO TIPOTA (Wonderful nothing). Incorporated into the album was the theme music from the film the H epohi ton dolofonon (Era of the murderers) by Nikos Grammatikos. It was in the same year (1994) Trypes' double album was distributed, KRATA TO SHOW MAIMOU (Hold the show monkey), a compilation of live recordings from 4 concerts at Rodon club and 5 unplugged pieces. Both this album's and the film soundtrack (H epohi ton dolofonon) sales went through the roof. 1995 concerts tickets were sold out all over Greece, at the Mylos club (Thessaloniki), Rodon club (Athens), and England, at Manchester and the Marquee club in London. 8.000 tickets were sold for the concert at 'The Peace and Friendship Stadium' in Athens. A new album was on the market in 1996 KEFALI GEMATO CHRYSAFI (Head full of gold). It went gold in two weeks. The band continues to hold concerts both abroad and in Greece till the present day, and on a parallel they are preparing their new album which should be available for distribution sometime in 1999. Today Trypes is now considered a 'rock' establishment.